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Part-Time Pack - 12 nappies

Part-Time Pack - 12 nappies

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Look, we get it - sometimes life gets hectic and so we decide to use reusable nappies only some of the time. 

Or maybe you want a top-up to your nappy stash to reduce how often you have to put a load of washing on?

No stress, this is the nappy pack for you!


This pack includes:

  • 12 x one-size-fits-most nappy shells 
  • 12 x cotton/bamboo blend inserts
  • 12 x micro-fleece liners
  • 10 x bamboo velour wipes
  • 3 x cotton/bamboo blend boosters
  • 1 x wetbag

Selecting your patterns

Please select which patterns you would like to be included in your pack. You can choose up to four patterns, or customise your order via the text box provided. 

The number of nappies you will receive for each pattern depends on how many different patterns are selected:

  • 1 selection = 12 nappies per pattern
  • 2 selections =6 nappies per pattern
  • 3 selections = 4 nappies per pattern
  • 4 selections = 3 nappies per pattern
  • Customisation requested: As per your request
  • No selections: We will pick some for you! 


All of our nappies are designed locally, with 50% of our profits going to charity. 

Our nappies have the following features:

  • Double gussets (or elastic) around the legs, to allow for flexibility and minimise leakages
  • Waterproof shell (or outer)
  • Two way insert pocket, allowing for ease of access to the insert
  • 24 adjustable waist snaps along with multiple rise snaps to allow extra flexibility when fitting/sizing
  • Gusset (or elastic) at the back, to increase comfort for your child

Please note that due to our boosters and inserts being made from a soft and comfortable bamboo-cotton blend, they may shrink between 5 to 15 per cent in size after washing. This is common for bamboo-cotton blends and should not affect the absorbency of the booster/insert.

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