Care Pack for Women

Helping women feel appreciated, loved and comforted

We know how hard it can be to express how much you love or appreciate someone - especially if they are hurting or grieving. It can be hard to know what to say or do, especially when things like sending flowers feels so generic.

If you’re anything like us, it can make you feel a bit helpless. As if nothing we can say or do can really hexpress the way we feel.

We’ve had four miscarriages, and after each one we have reflected on the things that have comforted us during our time of sorrow. We've thought about the things that made us feel loved and appreciated. And now we want to help you love and comfort your loved ones too.

That's why we've created the Love Their Soul care pack - so you can give a gift that’s been specifically tailored for women.

Packed with inclusions that will help your loved one feel comforted, appreciated and cared for, this special gift also includes our beautifully crafted message of comfort and hope.

Plus, with 50 per cent of our profits going to charity to help mums and bubs in need, by purchasing a care pack you’ll be helping those less fortunate around the world too.

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