Our Mission

We are Jenny and Pete - a husband and wife team from the east coast of Australia. We want to see all people live full and flourishing lives, both in this generation and the generation to come. We started Love Their Soul to pursue this vision by helping you care for your family, care for others, and care for the planet.

50% of our profits go to mums and bubs in need

We're giving 50% of our profits to charity - specifically to Compassion Australia's Mums and Babies program which seeks to help mothers and children at risk. With over 300,000 women passing away each year from complications in pregnancy and childbirth, we are passionate about supporting those less fortunate to live full and flourishing lives. 

Care packs to comfort women

Our care packs for women have been specifically tailored to comfort women who are hurting and grieving, with a particular focus on women who have experienced a miscarriage. We’ve had four miscarriages, and after each one we have reflected on the things that have comforted us during our time of sorrow. We know how hard it can be to care for someone who is hurting,and now we want to help you comfort your loved ones too.

Reusable nappies that save the planet - and your wallet

Our reusable nappies help you save the planet - and your wallet. Children need 4,000+ nappies during their first few years of life, and disposable nappies take hundreds of years to break down. This is a huge environmental problem. That's why we've created beautiful reusable nappies that will also save you thousands of dollars compared with disposable nappies.